All Images Copyrighted 2012.   All Unauthorized Use Prohibited.
All Images Copyrighted 2012.   All Unauthorized Use Prohibited.
About Me
About Me
About Me
      I started building models about the age of ten. I built quite a few models between the
ages of ten and sixteen. I remember basically buying the model on a Friday, building it on a
Saturday and painting and decaling it on Sunday. By Sunday night it was hanging from my
ceiling. At one point I had approximately 40 airplane models hanging from my bedroom
      At the age of sixteen I discovered computers and the models ell to the way side. At that
point life took over. First was school, work, marriage, and the rest of life’s fun surprises.  For
about twenty five years I didn’t build any models. It wasn’t from not trying. You need three
things to build models, time, space, and money. I could always get two of the three items,
never all three at the same time.
      In the summer of 2006 the kids moved out of the house. My wife told me I needed to find a hobby. Better words could not
have been said at that time. For the first time in a long time I had time, space and money for model building, so I jumped back
into the hobby and haven’t looked back.
      Today I take a little longer to build my models. I also display them at model shows and have won numerous awards in the last
several years. The models on this website have all been built from 2006 to present. I have also sold several of my models on eBay
and have two models on display at museums.
      So sit back and peruse my model site and enjoy.

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