All Images Copyrighted 2012.   All Unauthorized Use Prohibited.
All Images Copyrighted 2012.   All Unauthorized Use Prohibited.
Hints and Tips
Hints and Tips
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Hints and Tips
The Hints and Tips are in PDF format and the links below will allow you to download the PDF
Ridding a canopy of the mold seam
Paint Chipping
Cleaning Sanding Sticks
Labeling Paints
Painting Bombs and Missiles
Nail Polish Putty Smoothing
Masking Canopies
Connecting Link tracks
Pencil Sanding Trick
Getting Rid of Canopy Seams.pdf
Pastel Panel Lines
Putty Cleanup
Rolling Tools
Rubber Gloves
Sludge Method
Cleaning Sanding Sticks.pdf
Rubber Cement
How to Chip Paint.pdf
How To Build Single Link Tracks.pdf
Pastel Panel Lines.pdf
How to Clean Up After Using Putty.pdf
Flashlight Seam Check
Pencil Sanding Trick.pdf
Rolling Tools.pdf
Rubber Cement.pdf
Flashlight Seam Check.pdf
Panel Line Sludge How To.pdf
Rubber Gloves.pdf
Window Masking.pdf
Paint BB’s
Labeling Paints.pdf
Nail Polish Putty Smoothing.pdf
Paint BB's.pdf
Painting Bombs and Missiles.pdf
How to Scribe your Model
How I Finish My Models
Spot Weathering
How I Finish My Models.pdf
How to scribe.pdf
Spot Weathering.pdf